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How to peacefully solve problems of the 21st century
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Islam and Pluralism

Bilal Baki

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Despite the fast advance in technological development and the scientific possibilities to create a better world, people in many countries still suffer from poverty, natural disasters and civil wars. Many of the existing problems can be solved by humans. Wars, which are the root causes for many global problems, are not caused naturally, but by the greed and hatred of people. Therefore, religions emerged to solve those problems. Unfortunately, it has shown that in many societies the coexistence of multiple religions has become troublesome. The origins of many of the problems don't lie in the different religions, as claimed by some scientists. Rather religions can be the solutions to the problems.While the earth population is about to reach 8 billion people, tensions between adherents of different religious backgrounds are on the rise. Laws and politics from the 19th and 20th centuries are still in use to solve the problems of the 21st century. The lack of a functioning infrastructure in many countries of the world, and the fact that a growing number of people live in big or even mega cities, have a negative influence on people's lives and their mental health.Political and religious leaders must resort to dealing with the challenging problems of today through nonviolent means, instead of using force to maintain their positions.Peaceful methods and new perspectives in how to solve diverse problems of mankind are shown in this book. Scientific and spiritual ways towards peaceful multi-cultural and multi-religious societies are presented in it. If people study different religions more thoroughly, they may recognise the similarities between the various spiritual creeds. Perhaps only in this way the many commonalities between peoples could be outlined. The analysis of history shows that new solutions and developments also bring new challenges with them, as can be seen through the Industrial Revolution. An examination of ancient political theories in contrast to Islamic political thoughts should help understand the different approaches towards that complex subject.Humanity is need of clear solutions more than ever before. The objective of the thought-provoking writings in this book shall inspire the reader to find suitable solutions to the various local and global political problems of the 21st century.

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