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Binaural Beats Brainwave System
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Stimulate Mental Clarity

Gary C. Chapman

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Humankind has always searched for meaning and purpose, and for a lot of us, that question creates stress and anxiety. With this premium audiobook, we discover our own path to have MENTAL CLARITY, to create and cultivate a deeper sense of purpose and we figure out how to simply enjoy life. The binaural beats brainwave system simply uses audio resonance to spark your brain, allowing you to create your own path. The sounds will water, nourish, and challenge you. MENTAL CLARITY hopes to be the spark that helps you create the life you deserve.How do Binaural Beats work? Binaural Beats are a psychoacoustic phenomenon that occurs in the brain when different tones with a constant amplitude are played to the right and left ears. Sounds that differ slightly in frequency. We just perceive the resulting third frequency in the middle of our head as a gentle, pleasant, and very calming sensation.The mindMAGIXX-method is based on the basic research of the German physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. He found that binaural sounds can bring our brainwaves into a deeply relaxed state. Many people find the effect so pleasant that they fall asleep during the session. Others experience lucid images, as this level correlates closely with REM sleep, an EEG-detectable brain wave curve that occurs in a state of deep relaxation and hypnosis.Frequency ranges: Delta 0.5-3 Hz, Theta 4-7 Hz, and Alpha 8-13 Hz. These frequency ranges are associated with relaxation, contemplation, clarity and focus. Research shows that they can be very helpful for relaxing, meditating, or creating.BONUSTRACK: A complete guided mindfulness meditation program. An effective, basic practice that can be used daily to feel at home with mindfulness. Important note: Laptop speakers are usually too small to transmit the full and excellent sound spectrum in this audiobook. We recommend that you definitely use good headphones for best results. This way you will be able to fully enjoy the intended effect.

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